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 “For the last three years, I have had the honor of serving as your Mayor. During this time, great strides have been made to improve the city for those who call Cumming home. With your support and that of the City Council, much work has been done to make the vision for Cumming a reality."

- Troy

Will you put out a yard sign for Troy?

Vision for the Future:

As Mayor, I commit to continue work on making our vision for Cumming a reality by:

  • Continue creating job opportunities;

  • Keeping the city safe;

  • Support smart capital investments to benefit city residents and attract businesses & investment;

  • Commitment to NO Property Taxes within the city;

  • Keeping city expenses in check while properly funding city functions/departments and increasing city revenues.

I humbly ask for your support again on November 2nd to keep moving Cumming forward and making the vision a reality. The city deserves a mayor who is a champion for all residents, who understands the Mayor's role in the proper and transparent management of the city, and a Mayor free of family conflicts of interest. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to earn your support once again to be your Mayor.

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