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Our Accomplishments

For the last three years, I have had the honor of serving as your Mayor. During this time, great strides have been made to improve the city for those who call Cumming home. With your support and that of the City Council, much work has been done to make the vision for Cumming a reality. I wanted to take a moment to highlight what we have been working on since I was elected in 2017.  


  • The City Center

    • The City Center was one of the cornerstones of my campaign in 2017. It is something Cumming has needed for quite some time to give those who call Cumming, home, a family-friendly place to gather, shop, and support local business.

    • Completion of the City Center is just a few short months away.

    • Within the City Center, you will find:

      • Local Restaurants;

      • Retail Shops;

      • Venue for Live Music;

      • Miniature Golf;

      • Walking Trails, Playground, & Lake Feature;

      • And much more.

    • The City Center brings with it the bonus of significant financial benefits for the city and residents;

      • Half the cost of the City Center is paid for through SPLOST funds, impact fees, grants, and donations;

      • The remaining cost is funded through city reserves (and no, the city is not being bled dry by the price);

      • Upon completion, Cumming will still be debt-free while adding a $60 Million Dollar asset to the city's balance sheet;

      • Annually, Cumming will make approximately $3 Million from the City Center (a 9.8% return on the city's initial investment or a 20% increase in additional revenue to the city's budget).

  • The City's Budget

    • The city budget expenses have decreased 10%-18% each year since I took office.

    • Revenue for the city is the highest it's been while continuing to reduce expenditures.

    • The city is maximizing its assets to generate the highest rate of return while making overdue capital investments to serve citizens better.

    • With increased revenues, decreased expenditures, and capital investment Cumming will remain free from burdensome property taxes, always under my watch (contrary to what some are trying to make you believe).

  • City Law Enforcement

    • The size of the city's police department has doubled since I took office.

    • The department has remained under budget (even with the increase in force size).

    • Officers added have come to the city's force with extensive experience and solid performance records to complement the exceptional officers and staff in place.

    • At any given time, there is a minimum of one officer covering two square miles throughout the city, making Cumming above the national average.

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